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Bäst i test - Högtalarpaket


Test av högtalarpaket från professionella källor

Här har vi på Hembiobutiken samlat och sammanfattat ett urval reportage och tester av högtalarpaket som kommer från tidningar och websidor som arbetar med att utvärdera produkter inom hemelektronik. Listan är sorterad efter antalet bäst i test-utmärkelser för att visa de bästa produkterna överst. Som alltid kan du kontakta oss för rådgivning inför ditt köp.


Utmärkelse SVS Prime Tower Grupptest

SVS Prime Tower Grupptest   -  2017/11

A presentation that’s finely revealing, harmonically rich and rhythmically tight. The longer I listen to the Prime Tower, the more I appreciate its ability to walk the line between resolving detail and embracing the bigger picture. It’s a sound blueprint for long-term satisfaction.

+ Fantastisk balans och ljudintegration
+ Bra bas!
+ Musikaliskt ärlig
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Utmärkelse Årets bästa 5.1 högtalarpaket

Årets bästa 5.1 högtalarpaket  -  2017/9

With a revamped design that makes its predecessor seem pedestrian in comparison, plus Dolby Atmos and DTS:X 3D audio via up-firing drivers, this is a slick speaker package where sound really does surround the listener, even from above.

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Utmärkelse Recension Triangle Quartet

Recension Triangle Quartet  -  2015/1

High detail levels and superb integration between the drivers. Its products are all about music, and the Quartet is one of the finest ambassadors of that message we’ve heard at the price.

+ A vivid, dynamic and entertaining sound
+ great value for money
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Utmärkelse SVS Ultra Series Review

SVS Ultra Series Review  -  2015/7

The SVS Ultra Tower Surround speaker package came as close to earning a perfect 10 as any other speaker system we’ve heard in its price class. The only reason we aren’t awarding it a 10 is because we believe there is no such thing as the perfect speaker, and there probably never will be.

+ Superb build quality
+ Outstanding bass response from towers
+ Deep and wide soundstage
+ Very good imaging
+ Nimble, dynamic response
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Utmärkelse SVS Ultra Top Pick

SVS Ultra Top Pick  -  2014/1

These speakers do everything well, and the more time I spent with them, the more I appreciated the way they could get the best out of any content in my library. The Ultra’s price/performance ratio is through the roof, and I recommend the line not only to those planning a purchase in this price category, but even to those who were planning to pay more.

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Utmärkelse Emotiva Airmotiv 5.0 - Top Pick Of The Year

Emotiva Airmotiv 5.0 - Top Pick Of The Year  -  2016/12

Emotiva’s return to the passive loudspeaker category resulted in a stupendously neutral and great-sounding system that stunned contributing technical editor Dan Kumin with its astounding value.

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Utmärkelse Emotiva Airmotiv 5.0 - Top Pick

Emotiva Airmotiv 5.0 - Top Pick  -  2016/12

Emotiva’s new passive loudspeakers combine serious audio design and refinement with sufficient construction and finish quality to establish unprecedented value.

+ Neutral balance with fine imaging
+ Very good center-channel performance, integration
+ Superb value
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Review Emotiva Airmotiv T1 loudspeaker  -  2017/12

Musically, the T1 just brings it. As a result, orchestral performances take on new urgency and gravity. The brass and wind volleys in Copland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man” [Reference Recordings], for example, came across as open and unrestricted; the top end was detailed and sweet; and bass drum and timpani strikes were heavy, impactful, and nicely scaled.

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Högtalarpaket våra kunder rekommenderar

Här har vi på hembiobutiken samlat alla våra kunders egna tester och omdömen av högtalarpaket för att göra det enkelt för dig som kund att hitta de populäraste och bästa i kategorin högtalarpaket.